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Mailbox Services

June 11, 2011 No Comments

Mailbox Lock Change
Keys do not work? Just moved in? Need Extra Keys? Whatever the case let Express handle your mailbox lock change needs. We service the Greater Phoenix Area. We work with all types of mailbox locks & keys.

Locate your Mailbox
Express Mailbox has the largest private owned mailbox data base in Arizona. If you can’t find out your mailbox info from the post office call us to research and resolve your problems.

Mailbox Repairs
Has your privately owned mailbox been vandalized? Are you worried that your mail is not secure? Call the professionals at Express Mailbox to estimate the damage and evaluate the security of your mailbox. We will provide you a quote on all repairs and can provide you with replacement options if necessary. Note: USPS owned units are maintained by the USPS and require all maintenance go through your local Post Office.

Mailbox Replacement
We have 11 years experience replacing mailboxes for the USPS, HOA’s, Builders, and Private Individuals. We are authorized to check out Arrowkeys and Locks from the USPS to access and secure the mailbox, and are authorized to transfer all mail from old to new unit. We will insure that your mail is safe and your identity is secure.

Mailbox Installation
Express Mailbox has extensive experience dealing with the address managers at the USPS. We know who to contact and everything from concrete pad sizes and locations to diagramming and labeling your boxes.

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